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Vollrath, VOLL61182 - Introducing the Vollrath, 61182, Spoon, Portion Control - the perfect tool to drive restaurant profitability. Designed by Vollrath, a trusted name in the industry, this spoon is a must-have for any commercial restaurant. With its solid stainless steel construction and Grip N Serv black plastic handle, this spoon is not only durable but also comfortable to use. The 8 oz. capacity allows for precise portion control, ensuring consistent serving sizes and minimizing food waste. Equipped with all-natural antimicrobial properties, this spoon helps maintain a hygienic environment in the kitchen. Measuring at 14-1/8" overall length, it is suitable for various cooking and serving tasks. Made in the USA and packed by Vollrath, you can trust the quality and authenticity of this product. Enhance your restaurant's efficiency and profitability with the Vollrath, 61182, Spoon, Portion Control.