Vollrath | 2 oz Spoodle, Solid

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Vollrath, VOLL61157 - Craft culinary wonders with the Vollrath, 61157, Spoon, Portion Control. This stainless steel spoodle is a must-have tool for any commercial restaurant. With a 2 oz. capacity, it allows for precise portion control, ensuring consistent serving sizes and reducing food waste. The solid construction and Grip N Serv black plastic handle provide durability and comfort during use. Equipped with all-natural antimicrobial properties, this spoodle helps maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. Its 12-1/2" overall length makes it easy to reach into deep pots and pans, while the Made in USA label guarantees its authenticity and quality. Each case contains 12 spoodles, making it convenient for high-volume establishments. Whether you're serving soups, stews, or sauces, the Vollrath, 61157, Spoon, Portion Control is the perfect tool to enhance your culinary creations and impress your customers.