T&S Brass | 42"H Deck Mount Pre Rinse Faucet

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T&S Brass, T&SB-0113-B - T&S B-0113-B Description With its 6-inch bracket, the T&S B-0113-B pre-rinse unit can be mounted to the wall for placement near a dishwasher. Its supply lines are made of stainless steel, so they will not corrode after regular use with water. The spring-action gooseneck makes the hose flexible, extending to spray food particles and tough messes from dishes. Because it has a hole-based faucet, it can be installed in house without the need of a professional. Product Details Spring-action gooseneck Hole base faucet Spray valve Stainless steel hose 18-in. stainless steel supply lines Fittings for 5/8-in. OD copper tubing 14-in. overhang 193/8-in. clearance 24-in. riser 6-in. wall bracket Overall dimensions: 77/16 in. W x 421/16 in. H