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Olympic J86K Grooved Green Epoxy NSF Post for Stationary Shelving

Upgrade your storage solutions with the Olympic J86K Grooved Green Epoxy NSF Post, designed to bring efficiency and stability to your stationary shelving. Ideal for commercial settings such as kitchens, storerooms, and retail areas, this post is a robust and practical choice for organizing your space.

The post is designed with grooves at one-inch increments and numbered at two-inch increments, enabling precise and customizable shelving arrangements. The double-grooved design at every eight inches ensures ease of assembly, providing a user-friendly experience for setting up your shelving units. Additionally, the leveling bolt and cap included with each post ensure that your shelves are stable and level on any surface.

Coated with a green epoxy finish, the J86K post not only adds a touch of color to your environment but also features a unique design that minimizes dust accumulation. This is especially beneficial in maintaining cleanliness in areas where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Olympic J86K Features:

  • Innovative design that reduces dust accumulation
  • Simple and efficient assembly process
  • Grooved at one-inch and double-grooved at eight-inch intervals for convenient adjustment
  • Numbered at two-inch intervals for precise shelving placement

The Olympic J86K Grooved Green Epoxy NSF Post is more than a component for shelving; it's an integral element in creating a well-organized, clean, and efficient storage area for any commercial space.