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Olympic J86C Grooved Chrome NSF Post for Stationary Shelving

Enhance your storage capabilities with the Olympic J86C Grooved Chrome NSF Post, an essential component for setting up stationary shelving in commercial environments. Ideal for use in kitchens, storerooms, or retail spaces, this post combines functionality and durability for efficient organization.

Meticulously designed, the post is grooved at one-inch increments and numbered at two-inch increments, enabling precise and easy adjustment of shelf heights. The double-grooved feature every eight inches simplifies the assembly process, making it user-friendly and efficient for creating customized shelving solutions. Each post also includes a leveling bolt and cap, ensuring stability and balance on various floor types.

A standout feature of the J86C post is its unique design, which effectively minimizes dust accumulation. This aspect is particularly beneficial for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in environments where such factors are critical.

Olympic J86C Features:

  • Innovative design that reduces dust buildup
  • Simple assembly for quick setup
  • Grooved at one-inch and double-grooved at eight-inch intervals for easy shelf placement
  • Numbered at two-inch intervals for accurate adjustments

The Olympic J86C Grooved Chrome NSF Post is more than just a shelving component; it's a key part of creating an organized, stable, and clean storage system in any commercial setting.