Vollrath | 1 oz Ladle, (One Piece)

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Vollrath, VOLL46811 - Serve with pride using the Vollrath, 46811, Ladle, Serving. This ladle is a must-have tool for any commercial restaurant. With its one-piece stainless steel construction, it is durable and built to last, even in the busiest kitchen environments. The grooved and hooked handle provides a secure grip, ensuring that the ladle won't slip out of your hand while serving. The 1-15/16" bowl diameter is perfect for portioning out sauces, soups, and other liquids with precision. The 11" handle length allows for easy reach into deep pots and pans. This ladle is NSF certified, guaranteeing its safety and quality. Upgrade your serving utensils with the Vollrath, 46811, Ladle, Serving and experience the difference in quality and performance.