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Tablecraft M22 Frostone 22" Round Pebbled Melamine Tray

Elevate your dining presentation with the Tablecraft M22 Frostone 22" Round Pebbled Melamine Tray. This extraordinary tray combines contemporary design with durability to provide a stunning platform for serving your culinary creations.

The tray features a wavy rim that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your tabletop. Its organic feel and pebbled pattern create a unique visual appeal, offering a swirled, dotted appearance with a slightly raised texture. The bright white color of the tray adds vibrancy to your presentation, making it an ideal focal piece for showcasing fresh fruits, appetizers, and tapas that will captivate your guests.

Constructed from durable, break-resistant melamine, this tray offers the elegant look of fine china without the risk of breakage. It combines lasting strength with a sense of artistry, enhancing the overall presentation of any dish you serve on it. Whether you're running a restaurant, catering business, or hosting a special event, this tray will make a statement and elevate your dining experience.

Enhance your tabletop and impress your guests with the Tablecraft M22 Frostone 22" Round Pebbled Melamine Tray. Its unique design, durability, and artistic touch make it a must-have for any establishment looking to make a lasting impression.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Top Diameter: 22"