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Tablecraft 260R Round Condiment Rack, Silver Chrome Plated

The Tablecraft 260R Round Condiment Rack is a versatile and practical addition to your restaurant or dining establishment. This round condiment rack is designed to help you organize and display condiments efficiently, enhancing the dining experience for your customers.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Tablecraft
  • Model Number: 260R

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Constructed from durable metal, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Silver Chrome Plated Finish: The exterior finish in silver chrome plating adds a touch of elegance and complements various table settings.
  • Merchandising Ring: The condiment rack features a merchandising ring, providing space for displaying table numbers or specials, adding a functional and decorative element.
  • Hand Wash Only: To maintain its pristine appearance, this condiment rack is recommended for hand washing only.
  • Capacity: The rack has four compartments, designed to accommodate two salt and pepper shakers or other condiments, ensuring easy access for diners.
  • Dimensions: The rack measures approximately 9-3/4 inches in height, 7-7/8 inches in width, and 5-5/8 inches in depth, providing ample space for condiments and display.

Elevate the organization and presentation of condiments in your dining establishment with the Tablecraft 260R Round Condiment Rack. Its sturdy construction, silver chrome plated finish, and merchandising ring make it a practical and stylish choice for your tabletop. Order now and enhance your customers' dining experience.