TableCraft | "Reserved" Table Tent Sign - 2" x 6"

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TABLECRAFT TABL2060A "Reserved" Sign

The TABLECRAFT TABL2060A "Reserved" Sign is a practical and essential accessory for restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments. This black and white sign measures 6 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width, and 2 inches in height, making it easily visible and legible to your patrons.

Designed to help you efficiently manage your seating arrangements, this sign clearly indicates which tables are reserved for guests with reservations. The black and white color scheme offers a classic and professional appearance that complements your establishment's decor.

TABLECRAFT TABL2060A "Reserved" Sign Features:

  • Sign "Reserved": Clearly communicates that specific tables are reserved for guests.
  • Color: Black/White: Classic color combination that suits various decor styles.
  • Dimensions: 6"x1.25"x2": Large enough to be easily noticed by customers.
  • Material: Polystyrene (PS): Durable and lightweight material for long-lasting use.

Ensure a smooth and organized dining experience by using the TABLECRAFT TABL2060A "Reserved" Sign to mark reserved tables for your valued guests.