TableCraft | 38mm Squeeze Bottle Top, Red

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TABLECRAFT TABL100TK Replacement Top

The TABLECRAFT TABL100TK Replacement Top is a versatile and practical solution for maintaining your dispensing equipment. Crafted from durable red polypropylene (Copolymer - PPC), this replacement top is designed to ensure the smooth operation of your dispensers, keeping them in excellent working condition.

With dimensions of approximately 1.688" x 1.688" x 1.688", and a 38mm standard cone-tip top, this replacement part is compatible with various dispensing equipment that utilizes this size and style. Whether you're in the foodservice industry or other applications requiring dispensers, this replacement top provides a reliable and secure fit.

Keep your dispensing equipment in optimal shape and prevent leaks or drips with this red replacement top. Its quality construction and compatibility make it a valuable addition to your maintenance supplies.


  • Durable red polypropylene construction: Ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Standard cone-tip top: Measures 38mm for compatibility with various dispensers.
  • Reliable fit: Helps maintain the smooth operation of your dispensing equipment.
  • Overall dimensions: Approximately 1.688" x 1.688" x 1.688"

Ensure the proper functioning of your dispensing equipment with the TABLECRAFT TABL100TK Replacement Top. Its durability and compatibility make it a valuable component for your maintenance needs.