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Olympic J9995Z "S" Hook for Metro Wire Shelving

Expand and customize your storage space with the Olympic J9995Z "S" Hook, specifically designed to fit Metro wire shelving models. This versatile accessory is a must-have for enhancing the functionality of your shelving units.

Made from durable metal, this "S" hook comes in a sleek silver finish, complementing the appearance of your Metro wire shelving. The hook is designed to connect two shelving units together seamlessly, allowing for more efficient use of your available rack space and enabling greater customization of your storage setup.

Olympic J9995Z Features:

  • Constructed from durable metal for longevity
  • Sleek silver exterior finish that matches Metro wire shelving units
  • Designed for easy connection of two shelving units
  • Two hooks are required to securely connect each additional storage unit

The Olympic J9995Z "S" Hook is more than just a connecting piece; it's a simple yet effective solution for expanding and customizing your shelving arrangement, making it ideal for a variety of storage environments.

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