Olympic | 21"x42" Wire Shelf, Green

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Olympic J2142K Wire Shelving

The Olympic J2142K wire shelving is a versatile storage solution featuring an NSF certified green epoxy finish. With its unique open wire design, it minimizes dust accumulation and allows for optimal air circulation. These shelving units are designed to be easy to assemble, making setup hassle-free.

Olympic J2142K Features:

  • Unique design that minimizes dust
  • Easy assembly for convenience
  • Adjustable shelves to accommodate various items
  • Maximizes ventilation to maintain item freshness
  • NSF Listed for quality and safety

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width (Left to Right): 42 inches
  • Depth (Front to Back): 21 inches

Enhance your storage capabilities with the Olympic J2142K wire shelving. Its green epoxy finish adds durability and a fresh look to your storage area, making it suitable for various applications, whether in a commercial kitchen, pantry, or warehouse.