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NEMCO, NEMC57500-1 - Nemco 57500-1 Description The Nemco 57500-1 Easy Chopper 3TM vegetable chopper creates 1/4-inch cuts of celery, peppers, potatoes, and other firm vegetables. Its 41/2-inch-by-41/2-inch cutting area is large enough to accommodate large vegetables, and it is designed to provide uniform cuts across the entire surface. Its blade assembly and push block are color-coded to enable quick changeouts without risking size mismatches that could damage both pieces. This blade assembly uses red to differentiate itself from other blade sizes. The super-sharp stainless steel blade assembly quickly chops product. Made of a nylon-based resin material, the push block is heavy duty, so the teeth will not easily break. A push block gasket is included to help clean the block. Before beginning the chopping process, the gasket slips over the block to keep debris out of crevices that are difficult to clean. This Nemco 57500-1 Easy Chopper 3 vegetable chopper has a wide, tall base design that accommodates 2-quart round pans and third- and sixth-size pans. It sits securely on the countertop with slip-resistant rubber feet. Product Details Provides 1/4-in. square cuts 41/2-in. x 41/2-in. cutting area accommodates large vegetables with little precutting needed Cutting area is designed to provide uniform cuts across the entire surface Blade assembly has super-sharp, stainless steel blades that make the chopping process quick Push block is made of a nylon-based resin material that provides durability and reduces the risk of tooth breakage Push block gasket facilitates cleaning the block by pulling 2 tabs before starting the washing, rinsing, and sanitizing process User can slip the gasket over the block before chopping Gasket is easy to remove and can be cleaned quickly Blade assembly and push block comes in red to make change outs quick and simple without the risk of mismatching with different sizes that can damage the blade and block Weighted ergonomic handle design makes chopping quick and comfortable Wide and tall base style accommodates standard third- and sixth-size, 6-in. food pans or a 2-qt. round pan Aluminum construction is lightweight but still provides strength for commercial use Guide rods are fixed to the frame with Nylok nuts that are removeable Non-slip rubber feet provide stability on countertops Overall dimensions: 93/4 in. W x 12 in. D x 191/2 in. H