NEMCO | 3/16" Slicer, Tomato

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Nemco 56600-1 Tomato Slicer II - Streamline Your Food Prep with the Nemco 56600-1 Tomato Slicer II. This slicer features a changeable cartridge with a pretensioned blade, which eliminates the need for adjustments, thus reducing labor and maintenance.

The blades are easily removable and replaceable by sliding them in and out, allowing for quick rinsing and replacement when they become dirty or dull. Safety is enhanced with hand guards and an ergonomically shaped handle grip, ensuring intuitive and secure operation. The slicer produces uniform slices with a thickness of 3/16 of an inch.

Product Details:

  • Sharp blades for clean slicing
  • Slice thickness: 3/16 inch
  • Pretensioned cartridge blade assembly for maintenance-free operation
  • Specially placed guards for hand protection
  • Polyethylene slide board
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for comfortable use
  • Self-lubricating track for prompt and smooth slicing
  • Rubber feet and table stop provide stability during use
  • Overall dimensions: 7½ in. Width x 18/ in. Depth x 9/ in. Height