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Nemco 55450-2 Easy FryKutter™ French Fry Cutter - Revolutionize Your Food Preparation with the Nemco 55450-2 Easy FryKutter. This cutter is adept at creating 3/8-inch cuts, ideal for making classic french fries. While it's primarily designed for slicing potatoes, it also excels at cutting celery sticks.

The cutter features a short-throw handle, engineered to provide ample leverage for smooth and effortless cutting in one stroke. Combined with superior engineering, the handle's movement is designed to be comfortable and efficient. This ergonomic approach uses a natural body motion, significantly reducing operator fatigue and eliminating awkward stretching.

Versatility is key with the Nemco 55450-2, as it can be mounted on both countertops and walls to accommodate different kitchen layouts. Its slide-in-and-out wall bracket is designed to fit in the same mounting holes as various other units, making integration into your kitchen seamless.

Product Details:

  • Creates 3/8-inch cuts, perfect for french fries and celery sticks
  • Short-throw handle for easy leverage and one-stroke cutting
  • Engineered for comfortable and efficient operation
  • Reduces operator fatigue with natural body motion design
  • Can be mounted on both countertops and walls
  • Compatible with slide-in-and-out wall brackets for easy installation
  • Overall dimensions: 8 in. Width x 12½ in. Depth x 15½ in. Height