Libbey | 1.5 oz Shot Glass

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Libbey 9862324 1.5 oz. Shot Glass

Unit of Measurement: Dozen

The Libbey 9862324 shot glass is the perfect vessel for serving samples or shots of tequila, whiskey, or other spirits. With a capacity of 1.5 ounces, it provides just the right amount for a quick drink or tasting.

This shot glass is a versatile option for various drinking establishments, offering a solid and attractive serving piece for patrons to enjoy. Crafted from transparent glass, it beautifully showcases the contents, enhancing the presentation of your beverages.

Product Details:

  • Capacity: 1.5 oz.
  • Material: Glass
  • Overall Dimensions: 1.5" top diameter x 1.25" bottom diameter x 3.625" H