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nan, PURDSSPK - A Specialty Sanitizer and Cleaner for: Soft-Serve Ice Cream and Shake Machines Granita, Smoothie, and Iced Cappuccino Machines Iced Tea Brewers and Dispensers All Removable Parts and Utensils All Food Contact Surfaces STERA-SHEEN GREEN LABEL THE MOST EFFICIENT SANITIZER AND CLEANER STERA-SHEEN provides thorough sanitizing and cleaning in only one procedure. With STERA-SHEEN, there is no need for separate procedures to clean, delime, and remove milkstone from your machine and parts. This saves additional labor and cleaning materials. STERA-SHEEN will simplify your operations, cut costs, and provide quality assurance. FOOD SAFETY IS YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN STERA-SHEEN HAS THE ANSWER STERA-SHEEN provides the highest quality sanitizing and cleaning in one operation. Equipment properly cleaned and sanitized by STERA-SHEEN will meet and exceed local and federal health agency standards. STERA-SHEEN leaves no toxic residue. STERA-SHEEN is FDA approved and is an EPA-registered sanitizer. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR MACHINE BEGINS WITH STERA-SHEEN STERA-SHEEN will help preserve the life span of a machine and its normal wear parts (o-rings, check bands, boot seals, gaskets, beater blades). Clean and properly functioning parts will promote an efficient machine that consistently provides a high-quality product. A STERA-SHEEN solution is noncorrosive and will not stain or damage metal, plastic, glass, or rubber. STERA-SHEEN PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING CLEANING CHARACTERISTICS THAT ENSURES PROPERLY SANITIZED MACHINES, NEW OR OLD STERA-SHEEN cleaner contains: Excellent water softeners to ensure thorough cleaning and soil removal (even in very hard water). Emulsifiers to remove and break down fat particles and oils. A sequestering agent to remove milkstone and hard water mineral deposits. Chemicals that disperse and suspend soil particles to provide a clean surface upon draining. A surface must be cleaned before it can be properly sanitized. A machine that is 90% clean is still 10% dirty. STERA-SHEEN does its job quickly and well. When it is exposed to a soiled surface, it removes the soil, checks bacterial odors, and kills any bacteria. Milkstone and mineral deposits will not reappear when STERA-SHEEN Green Label is used daily as instructed. Many leading frozen dessert machine manufacturers recommend Green Label and place a sample package in each new machine as it leaves the factory.