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Carlisle, CARL34202469 - Elevate offerings with innovative essentials. Introducing the Carlisle 34202469 Trash Receptacle Lid/Top, designed to enhance waste management in commercial restaurant settings. This rectangular lid is specifically crafted to fit 15/23 gallon Trimline waste containers, providing a secure and efficient solution for waste disposal. Made from durable ABS plastic in a sleek brown color, this lid combines functionality with style, seamlessly blending into any restaurant decor. With a trimline swing top design, it offers easy access while keeping odors contained. The lid is packed by Carlisle, a trusted name in the industry, ensuring quality and reliability. Each case includes 4 lids, allowing for convenient replacement and maintenance. Upgrade your restaurant's waste management system with the Carlisle 34202469 Trash Receptacle Lid/Top and experience improved cleanliness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.