Browne USA |Oyster Fork, Royal (Per Dozen)

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Browne USA, HALC502615 - The Browne ROYAL 5.7" Stainless Steel Oyster Fork - Elevate Your Seafood Dining Experience. Elevate your seafood dining experience with the Browne ROYAL 5.7" Stainless Steel Oyster Fork, a fusion of elegance and functionality that enhances every bite of your favorite shellfish. Carefully crafted with precision and style, this oyster fork is designed to bring a touch of refinement to your seafood feasts. Elevate your seafood dining experience with the Browne ROYAL 5.7" Stainless Steel Oyster Fork. Make every shellfish bite a memorable event and discover the difference that Browne brings to your table. Key Features: Premium Stainless Steel: Our ROYAL Oyster Fork is meticulously crafted from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and a lasting, polished finish that resists rust and stains. Timeless Design: The ROYAL oyster fork boasts a classic and enduring design. Its slender, well-balanced handle adds a touch of sophistication to your seafood dining setting, whether you're enjoying a casual seafood night or a formal seafood feast. Ideal Size: Measuring at 5.7 inches, this oyster fork is thoughtfully sized for effortlessly enjoying oysters and other shellfish. Its ergonomic design allows for precise and graceful handling. Specialized Tines: The fork features specialized tines that are perfectly spaced to help you delicately extract every morsel of seafood from the shell, ensuring you savor every bite. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning up after your seafood feast is a breeze, as the ROYAL Stainless Steel Oyster Fork is dishwasher safe. Spend more time savoring your shellfish and less time on cleanup. Elevate Your Seafood Dining: Whether you're hosting a seafood celebration or simply indulging in a seafood treat at home, the Browne ROYAL Stainless Steel Oyster Fork adds an element of refinement and elegance to your seafood dining moments. It's more than just a fork; it's an embodiment of culinary excellence.